Hip-Hops Daughter

I breathe art. I speak Sports. I believe God is love and for that reason alone I despise hate.

Word on road is the clique about to blow

You ain’t gotta run and tell nobody they already know

We been living on a high they been talking on the low

But it’s cool I know you heard it all before
My homie tho. @runwaydiva623
I don’t have no type ‼️

Enjoy yall Saturday, ✌️
I eat good
Poor presentation but I laid it down

Marc iLL- Orange Line To Vienna

Marc iLL- Orange Line To Vienna

im just tryna be a winner…

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B-Bless featuring Gipht-Slow Flo

B-Bless featuring Gipht-Slow Flo

ooooo so east coast

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Mixtape : “Man Of Business 2 ” by Lo Pacino

Mixtape : “Man Of Business 2 ” by Lo Pacino

“watch me show out in this bish…”

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Somewhere last Saturday lol
Looking for a job anyone?

For A Minute by Young Mejah

For A Minute by Young Mejah

road to success, ima pull up in a minute.

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The RapFest | Mean 16: Cashflow

That beat tho. The flow though.

New Single! Super Lario Bros-Big Things

New Single! Super Lario Bros-Big Things

this was very laidback, i was mostly dazed by the beat.

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"Say Goodbye" by Bullet Brak [Official Leak] Brocky Balboa

“Say Goodbye” by Bullet Brak [Official Leak] Brocky Balboa

gives me that west side pimp feel.

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